Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Better Bring Your B Game

If you're going to Summers, you better bring your B game.

I go to Summers all the time, so I naturally take my B game with me wherever I go. It has become such a force of habit that I even use second-rate material at work when I'm trying to get a laugh out of co-workers as I pass them in the hall just so I don't have to engage them in actual conversation.

But don't take your B game across the street to Four Courts.

I just tried that. I got rejected harder than the time I flew halfway around the world to tell a girl I loved her and she was like what the fuck are you doing here? At least this time I only had to cross Clarendon & Wilson Boulevards with my tail between my legs.

Seriously, the B game works at Summers because there isn't actually anyone there. The B game also works at Summers because I'm not sure that anyone that goes there actually understands English. I mean, you can riff for twenty minutes about chesterfields at Summers. Not so at Four Courts. And you can take your B game to Summers because the idea of a great practical joke is...

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  1. When should I look our for A Game? I don't want to miss it and I don't want you to forget it at home. So, the rule is..... if Moldy Tiles is there, your A Game MUST be there. And I will bring mine. Can you handle that?